Two-story stone house with sea views in Turkey

Somewhere in Turkey, more exactly on a hill on the Bodrum Peninsula, sits a very beautiful property. It features an amazing stone house that would be enough to impress anyone who sees it. But on top of that it also benefits from a wonderful location that provides expansive views of the surrounding hills and the sea. You can see some of the Greek island on a clear day.

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The property also has a series of terraces overlooking the sea and a beautiful back garden with a pool. It incorporates a charming 5,000 square foot house that its owner built in 2010. He used stone from demolished old houses from the nearby villages and from the property itself and used it to create this amazing residence that, even though is contemporary, has a timeless, classical look. The interior of the house is beautiful as well.

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All the interior walls are covered with wither plaster or stone and most of the ceilings have exposed oak beams. The floors are cedar and, considering all the materials that were used for the project as well the interior décor, the atmosphere is very cozy and inviting. An odd detail is the fact that the entrance is on the upper level. The living room can be accessed through an arched stone doorway and has a beautiful fireplace. It’s connected to a stone terrace through sliding glass doors. The terrace can also be sued as an outdoor dining area. The rest of the house is just as amazing and beautiful. The property is now on the market at the price of 2.6 million.