Two small bathroom design ideas colour schemes

Small bathroom can make someone feel depressed and leave claustrophobic. It is believed that with no scope of increasing the space in a bathroom, it can be very difficult to bring in and implement the decoration ideas in this area of a house. So, the small bathroom design ideas need to be a lot more than just creative for removing the element of depression from the area. No matter what the size of the bathroom is, the ideas provided here can make the place look bigger and better.

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One thing that needs to be concentrated when the size of the bathroom is small is the colour schemes. The colours to be used here are recommended to be in light shades for good results. Here, the restrictions in selection of colours are made on dark shades only. As dark shades reflect less, it makes the bathroom look more cramped and small. So, choose pastel or earthy tones. It is advisable to use these colours and decorate the bathroom for good looks.

Small bathroom design ideas colour schemes

While deciding the colour schemes of small bathroom, the lighting is an important factor to be taken into account. In the first bathroom the lighting comes naturally from a window on top of toilet.The colours and the lights should be in sync for making it look more spacious and large. While decorating the small area with colours, the background should be white. It is one of the best reflectors in the world of colours and creates an illusion of space in the bathroom. The accessories in the small bathroom should also be in the lighter tones for complementing the entire setup.

Small bathroom design ideas colour schemesView in gallery

In decoration, colours are very powerful and are capable of providing a complete different look to a place. So, when the colour schemes for small bathroom design are needed to be selected, keep it lighter for making the place brighter.{pictures found on bhg}