Two seater upholstered sofa with removable cover

The two seater upholstered sofa with a remarkable cover was created and design by Kati Mayer-Bruhl. The design was finished and released in 2012. It has a beautiful design and I think it gives the watcher a relaxed feeling. The sofa has a French name ‘Avec Plaisir’ that means ‘With Pleasure’. It has organic curves that form an interesting softness. This amazing sofa is making your entire body get in trance mode. Beautiful design and beautiful colors will make the sofa fit anywhere in your home. You can also fit in an empty room I assure you that it will get crowded after you move the sofa in.

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The cover of the sofa is made of cotton. The covers are completely removable so you could change the cover design every time you want, for a special occasion or just for your need.There is a more luxurious version of ‘Avec Plaisir’ that combines comfort with sustainability and individuality. The luxurious version is made from leather covers and it looks quite interesting. You could fit this amazing design with grace in your beloved apartment or home.

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This product is made from the very best materials and skilled workmanship guarantee durability. Another good model for your interior space is the dynamic chair with runners with matching stool. You can transform this piece of furniture for your exact position, it creates balance in your body. Go buy this amazing piece of furniture and when you exit the shop please say that ‘I had bought this chair WITH PLEASURE’.