Two Person Bathtub by Karim Rashid

Nowadays colorful bathtub win, and if the color is pink I`m sure that can attracts your attention. Designer Karim Rashid make a stylish splash with the Kouple two person bathtub by Korean company Saturn Bath. This amazing two person bathtub is a certain statement piece, and instant inspiration for your own designer bathroom. I’m sure a lot of people like to share the bathtub with their loved ones. But usually this is not a very comfortable decision, and it’s more annoying than romantic. So Karim Rashid decided to create this great two-person bathtub, another very inspired idea.

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It’s a very simple and beautiful design, like many of his creations. It has beautiful lines, a curved shape and a friendly form. It was especially designed for two persons to be able to enjoy taking a bath together, feeling comfortable together. And like many modern designs, this one is also stylish and colorful. The bathtub is available in many bright and happy colors.

It’s a beautiful piece that would look great in a modern bathroom that shares the same style and has the same beautiful characteristic. I especially like the curved lines that follow the human body’s silhouette. This makes it especially comfortable and suitable for personal use. So in case you were looking for a unique and special bathtub design for your bathroom, this is design you should keep in mind, in case you’re planning to share this space with your partner or loved one.