Two Houses Blend Into One Through Green Design

The way in which a house responds to its surroundings is always different. The Wall House designed by FARM architects features a very interesting strategy. It sits on a total of 1,116 square meters of land and it’s divided into two separate volumes.


The decision to divide the house this way was a response to the scale of the land as well as one of the client’s requirements. The two volumes serve as homes for two generations and one is a single-story structure while the other is a two-story building.


Completed in 2013, the double house is situated in Singapore and was inspired by the classical Chinese garden design philosophy. In other words, the amount of gardens and indoor spaces are equally proportions and, as such, the two blocks enjoy a very close and special connection to nature.


The two similar but independent blocks are connected by a huge central courtyard. The single-story structure contains the entertainment spaces as well as its own master bedroom with en-suite bathroom, a balcony and a gym.


The larger volume contains the main living area, a master bedroom, bathroom, balcony and a small study. The living and dining areas are linked to a granite floor patio where six beautiful willow trees are planted. the trees are perfectly integrated into the design, penetrating the floor and the roof.


The ground floor is a social, communal space housing a large dining area at its core as well as a library. In addition, this volume includes a wine cellar and several guest rooms.


Large sliding glass doors connect the living area to the courtyard and the outdoors while also letting in the wonderful and expansive views. An elegant but casual décor defines this space where a set of sleek fabric sofas are complemented by a Digamma recliner armchair, its simple but quirky shape adding flair to the room. Similarly, the cute little ST04 Backenzahn stools are a lovely addition to the space.


The kitchen is part of the same open floor plan and is designed along one of the walls directly behind the living area. A long island expands to form a bar/ dining table. A set of Harp garden armchairs are placed on either side of the counter. The wall unit has a warm wood design with a white backsplash opening.


But there’s also a separate dining area, beautifully framed by views on either side. It has a raw-edge table and it’s complemented by the same casual garden stools featured in the kitchen.


There’s a second smaller living space upstairs. This one uses the same color palette as the other zones, allowing the wooden floor and ceiling to wrap it in a warm and inviting aura. An Air wooden fan breaks the continuity on the ceiling and a Cesta table lamp with a cherry wood frame and a smooth globe sits on a clear accent table.


The study is bright and airy, featuring a light and simple palette based only on whites and wood accents.


In addition to the exquisite huge courtyard that links the two blocks, both structures have green roofs which further strengthen their connection with the surroundings. This is truly the design of a house that loves nature.  The green roof, however, is not the only eye-catching element. The upper floor spaces are connected by a green plaza with a water feature.


The landscape is also designed in layers, similar to the houses. This way, it influences and floods the interior spaces in different ways depending on the type of space, it’s location and function. But no room is completely separated from the exterior or the views.


This also applies to the bathrooms which are very serene spaces. They have relaxing color palettes, beautiful combinations of materials and they all include green spots or accents.


The oval freestanding tub is one of the most beautiful elements, being the focal point here.