Two-Handled Cheese Knife

Many people like cheese, but sometimes when you buy a big piece of cheese you might find it hard to cut only a small part. That happens because the cheese is so thick and the cheese knife is not big enough or strong enough and you do not have the power to do that. But what I hate most about it is the fact that you need a really sharp knife for this procedure and there is a chance getting hurt because of the sharp point of the knife. I admit this happened to me more than once and this made me buy smaller bits of cheese instead. But apparently someone with the same issues succeeded solving the problem in a very simple way by just adding a wooden handle to the other end, too.

80847 A2 Two Handled Cheese Knife

This is the Two-Handled Cheese Knife and it looks great. It is a wonderful home gadget and kitchen tool at the same time. Actually this instrument has been used in Netherlands for more than a hundred years and many people find it very useful when cutting gourd or other grind cheeses. The two handles that you can see at each end of the tool allow it to slide easily on the cheese and slice it with little effort. You can purchase the item now for just $25.