Two Flats Become An Apartment With A Levee-Inspired Design

Simplicity is the best course of action when designing a small space. An efficiency apartment, for example, doesn’t need anything other than the basics and this also applies to all the cases when you want a space to look open and to be airy and practical. This apartment in Turin shows us how simplicity can be translated into a very stylish custom design.

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The apartment was remodeled in 2016 by R3Architetti, a team of four talented young architects who find harmony in diversity. For them, different visions and methods mean a broader array of options that lead to a harmonious final result and a unique individuality.

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The apartment is actually the result of the combination between two separate flats. One was a two-room apartment and the other had three rooms. The client wanted them both to be turned into a single more spacious home able to accommodate a family.

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One of the requests was a clear division between the living and sleeping areas. The social zone and the private area had to be clearly defined so each one can be used comfortably for the intended purpose without disturbing the other spaces.

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In order to make that happen, the architects came up with a rather unusual design idea. They designed a levee-like structure that connects and, at the same time, separates these functions. This divider separates the private areas from the social spaces and also offers storage and seating nooks, incorporating the doors at the same time.

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The living area is very simple and open and was designed to look and feel similar yo an outdoor space. This is where the social activities take place. A corner seating nook is built-in by the TV and furniture in general is scarce in this room. Floor seating is a casual option, offering the space a laid-back and relaxing appeal.

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The kitchen is L-shaped, with simple cabinetry that conceals all the storage and integrates all the necessary appliances. A small dining table and a few chic chairs occupy the center of this space. Cove lighting is used throughout the social zone, establishing a very comfortable and cozy ambiance despite the minimalism.

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The materials and colors used throughout are raw and neutral. They’re meant to be authentic and to complement each other. Cold concrete surfaces and paired with warm wood for a lovely balance and white walls, ceilings and floors are complemented by earthy browns.

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The private zone is just as simple. The wooden floor offers it the warmth specific to such spaces while the décor is kept simple and functional. Semi-transparent glass walls and doors separate the bedroom from the en-suite bathroom and the walk-in closet.

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Turin apartment bathroomView in gallery