Two Cups of Coffee from Jura Subito

Especially coffee drinkers probably appreciate a coffee maker almost as much as coffee itself. Moreover, what do we appreciate more than a cup of coffee? Two cups of coffee, definitely! This is what the compact Jura Subito Coffee Maker provides: two cups of coffee in one shot! When you wake up in the morning, sleepy, the first thing you think about is coffee; if your coffee maker provides two cups at the same time, it is perfect and you save both time and energy!

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This is what you need! If you are not a coffee fan, you can always use the coffee maker for cappuccino, frothing or hot water for tea. What is called Jura Aroma Intensive System is the system that ensures that water passes through your coffee in order to get the rich aroma that we all dream of.

Taking into account the fact that Jura Subito does not have a coffee grinder, ground coffee must be used, but this is also a good thing because this kind of coffee is much better, with a full and rich aroma that you do not find everywhere. Among the characteristics of Jura Subito, there are the 15 bar pump, a height – adjustable coffee spout, two-stage frothing nozzle steam and a hot water function. It has everything!