Two creative designs from Charles de Lisle

It would take us forever to describe the whole portfolio of interior designer Charles de Lisle. It wouldn’t be fun for neither of us so, instead of doing that, we decided to only show you two of his most interesting creations. After this you can form an opinion about the rest of his work.

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These are two particularly striking elements that express the designer’s character and style. One of them is a light fixture that presents a very unusual design. It has an apparently chaotic structure, resembling nothing but a bunch of cables suspended on a pole. However, this is a statement piece, a contemporary creation that was designed to serve as a focal point for areas such as the dining room or living room.

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The second element we wanted to show you is a striking coffee table. Structurally, it’s nothing but a large piece of tangled rope trapped inside a glass cuboid. It’s an ingenious coffee table that takes simple elements seen in any home, things that we usually ignore or perceive as trivial, and takes them to a whole new level. Both the pendant lamp and the coffee table are minimalist creations and wonderful statement pieces for any contemporary home. Because of their simplicity and triviality of materials, they are very versatile and able to match almost any décor.