Twine Coffee Table from Casamania

The simple and usual things we use every day are so ordinary that we cannot imagine what it would be like living without them. However, they have been invented some time and people did manage without them. I am talking about the button. We don’t even realize we have them until we lose one. That is the source of inspiration for the ladies from Casamania who used the button shape and appearance to make the Twine coffee table.

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This funny coffee table has its table top looking just like a button, all round and having two sets of holes in the middle. And these two holes are used to introduce the metal legs. They will look like the “twine” in the button and at the same time will be the support for the table top. This table top is made of lacquered MDF and the structure is made of metal. It looks really funny, especially if you watch it from above and you can order one with a specific colour of the legs so as to match the other pieces of furniture, the carpet or the whole design of the room.

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