Twiggy Floor Lamp by Marc Sadler Foscarini

Lamps are useful lighting devices that can be moved around the house and used only when you need them. Most lamps are on the ceiling or on the table, but there have been some other models, like the floor lamps for example. They have a strong base or support and are a lot taller than the other ones because they need to cast the light to reach the height of a person. Marc Sadler Foscarini is one of the designers who succeeded to produce original and interesting lighting devices like this Twiggy floor lamp.

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This lamp is pretty ample and tall, having a base made of fiber glass and the upper part made of lacquered composite material. It is available in four colours so that you can choose the right one to match the design of your room – black, white, yellow or red. You can adjust the light intensity depending on your mood and the dimmer is included in the purchasing price – $2,338.

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