Turquoise pendant light

The light coming from the sun or from the light bulbs in our homes is sort of yellowish, warm and cozy, making you feel fine and also allowing you to see your whereabouts. But for some reason I like it when it is colourful. When the lamp in my room has a colourful lamp shade, the light is filtered by it and passes through it, getting its colour, too. So I like shades in different colours, depending on my mood. This beautiful Turquoise pendant light is perfect for an elegant, but cold room, suggesting coldness and winter, but also elegance. Actually the pendant is so charming thanks to the shade, which is turquoise and funny, too.

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The lamp shade is shaped like a ball, being made of dozens of little flowers stuck together to form a nice flowery bunch . The flowers are actually lotus flowers and they are carefully made from turquoise blue tinted capiz shell trimmed in gold , which gives it a certain distinction and opulence that seems to have come from India, from the time of the Maharajas and when the kings and queens lived surrounded by precious stones.

The gentle turquoise light coming through this nice lamp shade can give any room a special mysterious look. The pendant light uses a 60 watt light bulb and the price of $372 also includes a three feet chain.