Turquoise light-filled kitchen interior design

The next interior is another statement, if we steel needed one, about how simple white rooms can impose themselves .  All you need is a little taste, high class materials and furniture and a little spot of color, here and there, without charging too much.The designers of the apartment opted for turquoise details to make the interiors more fun and cozy. The kitchen is designed by Jason Landau of Amazing Spaces LLC . The designer created a large space by renouncing at walls.

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The living room, the kitchen and the bar are included in the same opened space so they create an airy impression. The main element which strengthens this impression is the color of the space. The designer opted for white and some gray and light brown details. But not these colors are the stars of the home.

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The space is thrown out from its monotony by the turquoise details. Incredible is the fact that these turquoise details aren’t even many. Surprising, the only turquoise spots are three laps, hanged over the kitchen table. That’s all, but that’s just enough. Turquoise is a strong color and probably much similar details would have given a too intense color to this calm space. The feeling conferred by this white and turquoise combination is comfort, relaxation and security. You will feel very happy in this interior thanks to its colors and o the good natural lightening. This kitchen makes you understand that it isn’t the quantity that matters, but the quality.{found on houseofturquoise}.