Turquoise interior design inspiration rooms

Turquoise is a royal color, which reminds of the gemstone from which it claims its name. But no matter how royal this color is, it is a little risky to use it in your house, especially on large surfaces.  However, there are some persons more daring who can’t resist painting at least one of their rooms in turquoise. Sometimes the effect is incredible and the result amazes you, but other times the final is just kitschy. That’s why you should either claim for a specialist’s help or follow some clear safety steps.

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First of all, you should keep in mind that there are more turquoise hues. A more aggressive nuance could fatigue your eyes on a long time stay, but you can reduce this effect by painting in this hue only small surfaces, or by alternating it with other more pale nuances. Try to use flashy turquoise only for details and accessories, not for all the walls. A pale turquoise has almost the same effect as pale blue, relaxing you after a stressful day.

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I you are not so daring and you prefer a more conventional paint for your walls, you can choose to add some turquoise with your furniture. Be careful, not every color matches turquoise. A pale turquoise could go with soft browns, yellow, cream and white. If you are an eccentric person, than try a crazy combination by gathering turquoise, fuchsia, yellow and grey or brown, but only on small alternate surfaces. Your room will express joy and youth.

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Turquoise is a color that has therapeutic powers and in the past was considered that it defended from evil. Turquoise gives the impression of an Oriental décor, so you can reinforce this effect by adorning your room with accessories that remind of the Indian or Chinese civilization. Try some carpets, paintings or statuettes that fit into the theme.{found on decorati}.