Turn your window blind into a fold-down laundry rack

In small homes you don’t always have the space for everything you need, sometimes not even for basic element such as a laundry rack. In such cases, items such as Blindry come in very handy. Blindry is a very ingenious creation that was designed by Kim Bobin and Ko Kyungeun. You might wonder what it is. As the name cleverly suggests, this is a combination between a window blind and a laundry rack.

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Blindry fulfills two functions. It would have been better is it could do that at the same time but, nevertheless, it rests a very original and practical creation. Blindry can be used as a window blind but it can also be folded down and used as a laundry rack for drying cloths indoors. It’s a very ingenious solution. Not only that it has a double function, but the two elements combine beautifully together. When folded down, the blind provides lots of space for drying cloths. Moreover, since the cloths are near the window, they will dry quicker and you can avoid creating moisture in the apartment.

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This is a very convenient solution, especially for small homes where floor space is often limited. Blindry is a multifunctional item that doesn’t take unnecessary space. It can be used as a window blind at all time and as a cloth rack only when needed. The clever designers behind this concept were awarded the Red Dot award. Not only that Blindry allows you to save space but it’s also an eco-friendly alternative to regular situations by using sunlight instead of energy.