How To Frame Your Jewelry And Turn It Into Wall Décor

Part of the reason why women take an eternity to get ready is because they have to dig through a big pile of clutter to find the earrings or the necklace they want to wear. Imagine how much simpler that would be if there was a way to organize jewelry. Oh wait, there is. Jewelry organizers are the answer to this problem so let’s see how you can make one.


Today we’ll explore the world of framed jewelry organizers. In case you’re wondering what kind of frame would be best for such a project, you should know the design is very customizable. You can even use an old window frame if you want. Depending on the size and design of the window, you can figure out where you want to make a single large jewelry holder or several small ones arranged in a grid pattern.

Earings frame holder

But unless you have a whole lot of necklaces and earrings, a simple picture frame would be just fine. You can sand it, stain it and paint it. Remove the backing and put a burlap rectangle inside. You can find out how to make that on cucicucicoo. You’ll need some cardboard as a stapler. The burlap will be perfect for your earrings.

DIY necklace and jewelry holder

Instead of burlap, you could also use cork board. In fact, your jewelry organizer could be a simple pin board which you could make yourself out of a simple frame, cork board, spray paint and some tape. It’s a pretty simple project. You can find out more about it on thehappyflammily. Feel free to display your new jewelry holder anywhere you want.

Gilded Frame Jewelry Display

There’s also a third possibility: to use chicken wire. What you’ll get will be a framed jewelry organizer with a rustic-industrial look. To make such a thing you’ll need a sturdy frame, chicken wire, duct tape and a staple gun. Clean the frame and paint it if you want. Then fold duct tape along the shard sides of the chicken wire and then staple it to the frame. {found on kikucorner}.

Wire screen for jewelry holder

A similar option is to use mesh screen. The design will be a bit more delicate and chic. You can find out how to make this design from laurenconrad. You’ll need mesh screen, a wooden frame, decorative knobs and a drill. Remove the back and the glass from the frame, mark where you want each knob to be placed and screw them in place. Then fit the screen into the frame.

Grey wire frame for jewelry holder

A similar project is also described on sheldonrachel. It’s a lovely jewelry box with a simple frame. You can make the frame out of four wooden pieces. It has wire fence as backing and knobs and hooks attached to it for hanging necklaces. The frame here was painted gray but you can choose any color you want.

DIY brooch display name

Using a photo frame, some fabric, padding, a piece of cardboard and a stapler you can make a lovely display frame for your brooches. Here’s how that works. Take out the glass from the frame and remove the back. Cut the cardboard to fit the frame and then cut a piece of fabric slightly smaller than that. Lay the fabric over the padding. Staple them together and put the frame back together. You can find more details about this on highwallsblog.