5 Ways To Give Your Old Bar Stools A Colorful Makeover

Nobody likes to sit on bar stools that have cuts in their upholstery or that simply look old and ugly. So what do you do with these when you know they’re structurally good? The answer is simple: you give them a makeover so they look like new again. You can do this with any type of bar stools, whether it has leather upholstery, fabric covers or is made of wood or metal.


The first project is mostly a cosmetic makeover focusing on changing the look of the bar stools in order to give them more character. For chairs with leather upholstery you’ll have to use special paint. The stencil can be bought or you could craft it yourself using a downloaded pattern. Use a sponge brush to apply the paint and correct any smudged lines while the paint is still wet.

Bar stool makeover

A classic wood bar stool like this one could be transformed by adding a comfy seat cushion to its simple design. But first, paint the stool an attractive color. Midnight blue seems like an elegant choice in this case. The project featured on Burlapandbabies shows you how to use foam to craft the seat cushion. Cut the foam to size and then cut a piece of fabric a bit larger than the actual seat. Using a staple gun, stretch the fabric and staple it to the back of the seat.

Gold dipped bar stools

Simple painting the stools can also be a solution. The gold-dipped stools featured on Honeybearlane are really chic and attractive and the raspberry pink used on them allows them to stand out in a very chic way. The supplies needed for the project include gold spray paint, cardboard, tape and large pieces of craft paper. First you paint the stools the color of your choice and let it dry. Then you wrap the stool legs in craft paper and you spray paint the tops golden. Le tit dry and then use tape and cardboard to also paint the bottom portion of the legs as well.

Vintage industrial bar stools

To give your bar stools a vintage-industrial look, check out the idea featured on Thediyvillage. First you sand the whole surface of the stool to get it ready for being stained or painted. Tape off the top with paper and paint the base. Then create your stencil. Apply it to the top of the stool using transfer paper. Paint the design with a brush, let it dry and then stain the top.

Industrial painting for Bar stools

A similar project is also featured on Allthingsthrifty. Start by applying vinyl numbers to the tops. Then mix your glaze with metallic paint and some silver craft paint. Apply it with a brush with even strokes. The look you’ll get will be industrial and unique. You can also use this painting technique for other projects as well.