Turn a Closet or Cupboard into a Workstation

If you have some space in your closet or cupboard that you don’t need, don’t let it go to waste. You could turn it into a small home office! Here are some tips.

Use the Shelves.

Kitchen office space1
Make Use of Shelf Space

The most important part of transforming a closet into a workstation is to make use of shelves. If you don’t have any, install them. This is where you can store all your important work-related items, and even a small laptop or computer screen if these are what you need. Make sure you only store what’s really important as you don’t want to create clutter.

Office Chair.

Kitchen office space1
Choose a Comfortable Chair

You need a chair that you can sit on when you open your cupboard-turned-office. This should be level with what you use most often, such as the laptop screen and keyboard. It helps to have a chair on wheels so that you can move it around the room and not feel that it is in the way when you close the cupboard doors.

Give it Design Flair.

Kitchen office space1
Add Color with Curtains

Make the workspace feel personalized by adding things like curtains or wallpaper to it. This can also help you boost your creativity when you need to work because it’s so much easier to think when you are in a beautiful environment.

Alternative to Shelving.

Kitchen office space1
Get Hooked

You don’t need to have shelves by default. Get creative with how you store and display your work-related items. You could use hooks on the wall, for instance, to hang all your important items. It also looks pretty.

Remove the Doors.

Kitchen office space1
Replace the Doors to Create Space

Saving space is an important element to achieving a home office in your cupboard. You can maximize the area by removing the closet doors and using curtains in their place. These are easy to open and close, and when they are closed they still grant you privacy by not revealing what is hidden behind them.

Use a Pull-Out Desk.

Kitchen office space1
Even an Armoire can Become an Office with a Pull-Out Desk

You don’t need to have a large desk or even a cupboard. By using a pull-out desk (such as a secretary’s desk) you can work right from your armoire. When you are not using the desk, you can neatly place it back in the piece of furniture.

Use a Chalkboard.

Kitchen office space1
Get Your Scribble on!

Instead of having to create space for pin-boards that often clutter a workspace, make the office wall a chalkboard. Now you have a convenient place where you can scribble your notes and memos, plus it makes the working area look creative.

Fill the Stair Space.

Kitchen office space1
Replace the Cupboard or Closet Completely

The space under the staircase is usually where extra storage occurs. You might place some shelving or drawers there, but have you ever thought it could be the perfect spot for your workstation? By simply placing a desk and chair in this area, your office can be neatly tucked under the stairs. No cupboard or closet required.

Kitchen Office.

Kitchen office space1
Get Work Done on the Move in the Kitchen

Think of how often you scribble notes down in the kitchen and place them on your fridge. It probably happens a lot! An office area in the kitchen can be really handy and effective. You could even achieve a bit more work on your creative ideas while waiting for meals to cook. The office kitchen can be housed in a cabinet and linked to a media center, fit with plugs, screens, and shelves for paperwork.

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