Tunto Powerkiss Lamp Made from Wood

The light is the thing that makes us see at night. Presenting the ‘Tunto Powerkiss Lamp’, a device that has a very powerful design. It looks a little from outer space, but I think it fits best to modern indoor design. The material from which the lamp is being made is wood, and of course the wood color is preserved. The brown wooden lamp is a very sophisticated device. I think it will disturb you a lot when you read a book because you can’t take your eyes of this incredible looking lamp.

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It has touch sensors, with them you can control the light (switch on or off) and the light intensity. The ‘Tunto Powerkiss lamp’ has a new device for charging your phone. PowerKiss wireless charging technology built into the base of the lamp allows you to charge your phone just by placing it on the feet of the lamp.

The price is normal for this kind of equipment €1,050, roughly $1,400. A lamp that is also providing light, charge your phone and the most important thing it preserves your modern design of your home. It has a great shape, starting with the foot of the lamp that has a square form, continuing with the body parts that are more like rectangular parts. The hole lamp is from wood and it looks like it is pour in this fine form. The lights are very many with a cute look.