Tufted Stuff For Decorating and Furnishing the House

Tufted furniture is sophisticated and sweet, delicate and charming and can be quite bold and modern in style as well. It’s versatile and a bit luxurious, and we’re huge advocates of using these accents and pieces around the house to furnish and decorate. From headboards to sofas, let’s take a look at some beautiful, real-life rooms using tufted stuff to inspire and transform!

1. Tufted Desk Chair.

Tufted Desk ChairView in gallery

A personal favorite of the bunch, probably because I have my own tufted desk chair, add femininity and style to your home office with a seat that gives a statement. For example, this blue beauty is elegant, charming, welcoming but also very powerful with its modern and vintage meshing.

2. Tufted Teal Sofa.

Blue tufted sofaView in gallery

Is this sofa not absolutely gorgeous? It’s got a Victorian flavor set-off by its shape and detail, but its rich, teal tone brings about a contemporary and fashion-forward energy that’s bold and unwavering.

3. Tufted White Headboard.

Leather tufted headboardView in gallery

Sometimes all you need is something as simple as a headboard to transform a room. Without this white, tufted piece, this room would be a lot more dull and less stylish, and with, you’ve got a delicate but sophisticated room fit for a youthful spirit.

4. Tufted Leather Ottoman.

Chartreuse Tufted OttomanView in gallery

This leather ottoman, drenched in a unique shade of green acts not only as a ottoman but as a focal point of the room as well as a coffee table. We love how the color and texture pops right off the neutral floor and wall tones with ease and unique hipster vibes.

5. Tufted Accent Wall.

Tufted accent wallView in gallery

Yes, you can even have a plush, tufted accent wall as well. It’s a great idea for a master bedroom, dining room or even as the ending to a long, open hallway. It adds a touchable and welcoming tone to space without being too casual.

6. Tufted Breakfast Bench.

Tufted dining benchView in gallery

Add a more elegant energy to your breakfast nook with a tufted back to the breakfast bench. Munch on your danishes and sip on your coffee with a beautiful and effortless beauty with just a touch of this upholstery done right.

7. Tufted Chaise Lounger.

Tufted Chaise LoungerView in gallery

This beautiful, eggplant tufted lounger is such a great accent for a vanity area or a master bedroom addition. It’s feminine and womanly, and even a bit sexy too with its textural efforts combining tufts and velvet.

8. Tufted Closet Piece.

Tufted Closet PieceView in gallery

A little tufted piece of charm can add elegance and ease to your walk-in closet. Take a seat while you switch our purses or clasp on your heels with this functional and fun ottoman.

9. Tufted Love Seat.

Tufted love seatView in gallery

You don’t have to have a tufted sofa in the living room to get that same warm, cozy or elegant feel. Instead, you could find the most perfect love seat to accent the space and do the same thing.

10. Tufted Sleigh Bed.

Gold chandelier tufted bedView in gallery

Gorgeous and grand, this sleigh bed has the luxury and power of a statement piece but the tufted accents make it more welcoming with an easy, feminine touch. We also love the subtle golden-hue offset by the modern, charcoal room.