Tubs by Bagnosasso

Swiss company Bagnosasso has introduced some unique tubs that are sure to intrigue and inspire.The Wave Diamond tub is designed to relieve stress while adding handcrafted art of wood and glass. the Wave Skipper is a unique tub made of wood and inspired by the design of a luxury yacht. Check out these cool tub designs at Bagnosasso. These bathtubs have some special features that make them even more desirable and unique: the fact that they are not made of stone, ceramics or even marble, but the material of choice is this time plywood and glass.

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I know , this is pretty unusual for a bathtub as you would expect it to be ruined by water. But it is not. It had been treated chemically so as to be waterproof and not to swallow when it gets wet and the design is amazing. Just try to imagine the half transparent bathtub full of hot water and perfumed bubble foam and a small piece of a leg coming out just for a moment. Even the shape is pretty special and different from normal bathtubs and it reminds me of ancient ships.