Truro Single family Residence by ZeroEnergy Design

This beautiful and unusually-looking house is the perfect summer and holiday getaway for the owners. The architects chosen to work at this project were ZeroEnergy Design. The owners are a couple and their large family, including children and grandchildren. While they spend most of their time in Boston, they also wanted a summer house where they can come as a family. Because of the large number of children, grandchildren and loved ones, the house needed to accommodate an extensive number of bedrooms.

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The house is cleverly and very functionally divided into two separate parts: the “Living Bar” and the “Sleeping Bar”. The Sleeping Bar is the bigger part of the house and it includes the bedrooms and bathrooms.

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The Living Bar includes the living and dining areas, as well as a secondary master bedroom. When the couple spends time alone here, which is during the weekends throughout the year, this is all they need. This means that the Sleeping Bar can be shut down during the majority of the year to decrease energy use.

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When designing and building this house, the owners worked with the architects to create the perfect beach house. They thought of everything that would make their life easier.

The house features energy efficient appliances and water heaters, large solar electric array installed byNexAmp on the roof and careful choices for the flooring. They limited their options to slate, bamboo, and polished concrete, avoiding any carpeting that might capture dust, mites, mold, or moisture. They’ve also covered the outdoor area with indigenous plants that prevent erosion and don’t require irrigation.