Trunk Light by Dima Loginoff

Inspiration for a design can come from anywhere and quite often nature or the animal realm offers us many great ideas. People are often fascinated by the wild animals, the way they look and their lifestyle. They are very mysterious and this makes them interesting to us. We use them as models for our modern creations. For example, this is Trunk. It’s a suspended light fixture designed by Dima Loginoff

Trunk Light by Dima LoginoffView in gallery

Shaped like an elephant trunk, this lighting fixture offers a new and interesting perspective. The shape is actually quite simple and, of course, the modern touches make it even more eye-catching and interesting. It’s the type of light fixture you could opt for in a bar for example but residences can also be a nice option. The shape is not the only element that makes this fixture special. It’s a modern piece that lights in different colors such as blue, green or pink. This definitely is a detail that would make such a light fixture stand out, regardless of where it is placed.

Trunk Light by Dima Loginoff

The suspended pendant lamp is made of chrome, metal, glass and LED. The similarities between the shape of this fixture and the trunk of an elephant definitely give it an edge. However, it’s the collection of eye-catching details as a whole that impress us and not the shape alone. It’s the type of light fixture you could use in the kitchen, in the dining room or even in the bathroom. It would be a very nice accent piece and focal point for a minimalist décor.

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Posted in Lighting on November 6, 2008

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