Tropical Desroches Island Resort

Nowadays the holiday locations are so various and the offer is more than satisfactory. People have all sorts of options and all depends on their preferences and budget the way they choose one of these locations.

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For those who prefer an exotic place but where privacy is the main priority, Desroches Island Resort is a perfect place.Desroches Island is a tropical island which stands on a submerged atoll, 230 kilometers southwest of Mahé, the most eastern island in the Amirates group. This island is 6 kilometers long and 1.5 kilometers wide at its widest point.

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Here the views are spectacular as Desroches is a coral island surrounded by 14 kilometers of white sand beaches and one of the finest coconut groves in the Seychelles. It is also circled by almost 70 kilometers of reef which are waiting for its explorers.

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The luxury and comfortable accommodation are assured by the 20 furnished junior- style suites, the 26 luxury beach villas and the hotel.While the privacy is assured by each suite with its own veranda, the hotel offers in room dining or private dinners on the beach.

The luxury four- bedroomed villas that are situated on the pristine north-west facing beach with its own private pool have modern pieces of furniture, are dominated by wood and the warm nuances which create a welcoming and relaxing place where you can spend your vacation.