Trio Contemporary Coffee Table by Rick Lee

Choosing a coffee table can be hard. Prices can be so distorted as to be laughable.You want a table that goes well with your decor, that makes a statement worthy of the center of the room, and that will hold up to the abuse of daily use.Personally I like coffee tables which are useful with a lot of space for books or newspapers. Trio Contemporary Coffee Table is a beautifully designed piece that is both functional and versatile.

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The design features a modular drawer unit which can be rearranged the way you like it and when pushed out, the cut out on the surface can serve as a magazine rack or a dish when pushed in. And since it has three separate compartments that make up the whole, the designer thought of calling it “trio coffee table”. Also, since it has a contemporary design , he added the word “contemporary” to the official name of the furniture piece.


It comes in dark brown entirely or a combination of dark brown and white in the middle. The latter option is the one I like most because of the chromatic contrast between the two colours . They show very well in a kind of a sandwich, with the white in the middle.