Tribute building in Melbourne, Australia

Maybe it’s not that obvious when you fist look at this building from up close, but the façade actually represents a portrait. It’s a very unusual and majestic way of honoring someone. Other than a mountain, a tall building is the most flattering place to put someone’s face on.

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ARM architects are the one who designed and built this impressive structure. Actually it’s not quite ready but it will be in 2014.The portrait you’re seeing is of an indigenous leader. It’s a tribute to the first Australians. The building actually has two sides with two different stories. The most impressive is the portrait of William Barak (Beruk), the last traditional ngurungaeta (elder) of the Wurundjeri-willam Clan. It’s a way of honoring history and the aboriginal culture and heritage. Building someone like this is not easy. The precision is extremely important. The portrait was painted, better said sculpted on a 330 ft (100 meter) high area using concrete balconies as canvas. In order to make it more visible, the architects chose the black and white combination.


It’s an unusual way of honoring someone. It’s admirable that there people who still remember their past and who search for ways of honoring it. The building is visible from far away so everyone who ever passes by or sees it can remember its significance. I’m not sure how many will recognize the face when they see it, but in time I’m sure everyone will know what it’s all about.