Tribeka Bath Accessories

We, people, used to be so simple in the past. But, as we got more and more civilized, we also needed more and more things. That explains why you need so many little things in the house, even in the bathroom, each item having its very well defined purpose. So you realize you need more things if you are a woman because you need to store the make up and the cotton balls used for removing make up and the tissues and the soap and all the other items.

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Well, if you buy all these things in turns and bring them together, your bathroom will look like a crazy puzzle with bits of colous and models. So I guess it would be a good idea to purchase a set that includes all the bathroom accessories that you need and they will be all the same and have the same pattern and style. And everything will look a lot better. Take a look at this set of Tribeka Bath Accessories and I am sure you will see my point.

The whole set is made of ceramics and is made especially for the bathroom. The design is simple, yet stylish and the sweet blue seafoam contrasts beautifully with the black rims. The set contains: a soap dish ($15), a cotton jar ($21), a tumbler ($21), a toothbrush holder ($21), a lotion dispenser ($25), a tray ($30), a tissue holder ($52) and a waste basket ($75). However, you can purchase only the items that you need from ABC Home.