Trendy Hotel Distrito Capital With A Minimalist Decor

People create amazing things. They use their imagination, creativity and all their knowledge in order to design useful things which can make our life easier, things that can bring us joy and happiness and things which can make us feel relaxed and comfortable. Thus we can take advantage of hi-tech items that we can use in our homes in different areas, enjoy a warm house designed to protect us and offer all the privacy we need or we can just admire some impressive statues, gardens or even DIY projects which can bring us happiness and fulfillment.

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Things evaluate and we should take advantage of all these innovations and marvelous things. Hotel Distrito Capital is located in Santa Fe, Mexico City and represents one of these things. It is the expression of how trendy and modern the capital of Mexico has become in recent years. The interiors of this hotel are a combination of neutral nuances of black, white and grey which express elegance and contemporary. Joseph Dirand is the one who designed them and used a combination of modern and past so that you can feel the elegant style of this place.

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The wonderful thing about it is the fact that every room offers great views of the city. You may admire different parts of the city and its impressive, tall buildings even from the bathroom.

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There is also a combination of straight, geometric lines with curved shapes which were used for the dinner table, for example. Everything is a mixture of modern and refinement which will definitely make you feel great here.{pics by Joseph Dirand}.