Trends For Decorating Your Living Room This Winter

Winter is not the time to start making changes to your main living space, many will say. On the contrary, it can be the best season to think about a new design, so that you have it ready in time for the New Year. There are plenty of design trends that reflect the best that the season has to offer. If you are looking to make your living room a bit more cozy, as the mid winter weather starts to bite, there are some simple steps you can take without having to make wholesale changes. One or two on-trend alterations can give your living room an entirely new feel for the winter.

Contemporary Fires.

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A great place to start with your living room in the winter time is to concentrate on your fire place. Traditional fire places, with a hearth and a mantel, look good even in contemporary homes.

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However, a modern fire place that has some sleek design elements will add sophistication to your room. A textured panel behind your fire, or wood burning stove, which acts like a wide chimney breast is a current vogue. Get the look right by lighting the textured panel so that it stands out as feature. Textured fireplaces made from a range of materials, including bare concrete, make for a pleasing and ultra-modern look.

Accented Walls.

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If updating your fireplace seems like a little too much work, then you can get a similar lift to your living room by accenting one of the walls. On trend, accented walls are much simpler to achieve, without creating lots of disruption to your living space. Pick a burnt color that adds vibrancy and, above all, warmth to the space. Oranges and lush reds are ideal, but make sure they are the feature, so your other walls should be plain white or cream to make the right impact.

Get Cornered.

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Bright living room sofaView in gallery

Corner furniture is nothing new of course, but it has become increasingly trendy in recent times. If your room already has a curved element to its design, like a window, then a corner seating unit that has only right angles can look very effective. If you have the space, don’t push the corner unit all the way against the wall, as this can look cramped. Corner sofas that have a section that is backless make for an inviting seat that you can stretch out on over a long winter’s evening.

Occasional Tables.

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Living room tables are not just for coffee any more. Fashionable and contemporary living spaces have tables that are leather covered nowadays. Leather, or a suitable artificial alternative, makes for a table that you can easily wipe down and blurs the division between a foot rest and a table. Encourage people to use the leather covered furniture as a table by having a tray available to use. A neat idea is to have foot rests double as occasional tables with internal storage. Check them out, because a lot of furniture makers are now offering these trendy designs.

Pop Art Power.

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Pop art is making a comeback in homes, so why not use some sixties chic to enliven your living room during the winter months? Roy Lichtenstein inspired images look great on fabrics, so you can use them in a number of ways. Pop art upholstery for chairs and cushions give a striking and bright look that will cheer a home up once Christmas decorations are taken down.


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Oversized floor lampView in gallery

The winter months can be a bit dreary without much daylight to keep your living space looking bright and inviting. Invest in a stylish new lamp to extend the afternoon into evening, when you draw the drapes. Select a lamp that you can reposition easily within your living space. Arc lamps make for ideal choices and though their hey-day was thirty years ago, they are becoming increasingly popular once again with contemporary designers.

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