Trend Spotting: Matte in Modern Home Décor

There’s something dazzling about shiny objects, that’s true. But how do you feel about matte finishes? They are becoming more and more incorporated into modern décor, from small-scale accessories to whole-room finishes. While at first the choice of non-glossiness might seem boring, in truth, a matte finish serves to emphasize the quality of the form of the object itself. Because there’s nothing else there to distract from the actual object.

Black matt chairs

The end result of a matte finish? A well-chosen piece that is forced to speak for itself…and that does so with a humble, minimalistic grace that is so critical to modern design. Read on to see if the modern matte trend resonates with you.

White kitchen exposed beams
White kitchens. Another hot trend right now. But have you seen many that are matte white instead of glossy? This detail works especially well in a contemporary kitchen with rustic touches, such as a wood-beamed ceiling.

Collection vases

Smaller collections of beautifully formed pieces, such as these simple matte ceramic vases, highlight the sensuous shapes over previously emphasized sheen.

Grey bathroom
Where white-glossiness once reigned supreme (probably because of the shiny nature of porcelain fixtures), modern bathrooms are incorporating other surface types, such as this matte print floating sink vanity. It makes the space feel cooler and calmer and more contemporary, no?

Bed night stand lamp

Matte lighting fixtures are the ultimate style juxtaposition, as the modern matte piece perfectly contrasts the shining, glowing light itself.

Black piano pink shades
What better way to add a modern twist than to go matte on objects that are traditionally high-gloss wood or lacquer. This upright piano is a prime example – it stands out because it’s not shiny like 99% of the world’s pianos.

Oversized lamps over dining table
Three large dome pendants over the dining table steal the show…and because of their matte finish provide a grounding and balancing factor to the shine of the windows, metal chair frames, and even polished floor in this light space.

Black kitchen design
This ultra-modern kitchen takes black matte to a whole new level, incorporating matte finishes on every surface, even down to the cabinet hardware.

Black painted bottles
Do-It-Yourself! You can incorporate this high-end luxe modern look on a budget, too. For example: use matte black spray paint on some wine bottles to create uber-romantic candle holders.