Treehouse by RPA

The Banyan Treehouse is designed as an art studio located at the high ridge near Los Angeles. This project was earlier thought as a hypothetical design but after working closely on this project and some minor modifications to the actual design, the Rockefeller Partners were able to come up with this beautiful architecture. Its roof is designed in the form of a butterfly.

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The project looks more like a modern interpretation of a tree house with steel pylons at the top emulating natural branches. Similar to a pre-existing tree, it shapes itself around the curves. The design pays homage to the Mother Nature by having only a single glass cutting in the floor that reconnects the tree house.
The surface of the treehouse is made of wood that creates warmth. The exterior is covered with cedar and the structure itself is covered with rich palope. The walnut paneled walls on the walnut floors add an extravagant beauty to the house.

The treehouse can serve both as a studio as well as a place of accommodation for guests. It is self-sufficient with all the necessities like fireplace, refrigerator, television, daybed and a water closet. It also has private outdoor shower down the stairs.