Tree houses or houses in trees?

I remember that when I was little I used to ask my grandpa again and again every summer to build a tree house for me and my sister. We really wanted one because we had the chance of playing into our friend’ s tree house and we thought it was so cool. But apparently so did other people and they never gave up the idea of living in a tree house and not temporarily, as part of a game, but permanently, making it their residence.

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This here is one of the largest tree houses in the world and it built its foundation on a big number of trees, also adding strong lateral support made of wood. It is located in Alnwick Castle, UK is a local monument and the people there are very proud of it, opening it to the public for a modest fee.

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Tree house 3 1451

Of course these houses are made entirely of wood , but they have all the equipment you need for a comfortable life inside, even if you are basically above earth. This protects you from wild animals, floods and other natural disasters but they have not been built for this purpose, as these disasters are very little likely to happen there. These tree houses were built as unique places that will attract customers, so it’s only commercial after all.