Tree eco aesthetic style home

The effect of building and using a house made completely of tree is truly astonishing. By simply using the shape of tree in its natural way rather than cutting and shaping them into lumber wood, the architecture you obtain will be organic and gives you a feeling like you actually live in a tree which is breathing and which is still growing its structure. Though this type is relatively difficult to construct, with the trunk and the branches to be fit suitably with the rest, but it sure is the best to live in.

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Aside from the breath-taking eco-aesthetic of his whole-tree houses and homes, Apart from Roald Gunderson’s breath taking eco aesthetic style of his custom built whole tree homes and houses, he also says that it has a number of advantages and benefits which help towards protecting the environment as well as a the owner’s money. According to his observation, this architectural style saves time, energy as well as money since in this style we will be skipping the normal yet unnecessary steps of remaking the raw wood available in nature into the standard structures and sizes.


Also, in this style of building houses, less carbon will be released into the atmosphere. It is also a fact that the naturally curved branches of the tree are found to be stronger than their processes and industrially structured straight and narrow counterparts that are used in other housing styles.