Treasury Table by Lucie Koldova

I am sure that many time you have put a thing in a certain place and forgot where you put it, only to look for it like crazy for half a day. That happens because you do not have a very organized house and life and you simply place things where you consider convenient for the time being. And since this place changes every day, you can’t remember the exact location of your things most of the times, which can be frustrating. So the first step is to purchase a very nice storage unit like this incredibly useful Treasury table that was designed by Lucie Koldova.

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The table is made of varnished wood and is available in many colours, but my favourite is the black one by far. Any way, it has many many drawers of different sizes underneath the table top and you can use them as storage spaces for the different things you need to have immediate access to and to know exactly where to find. You will also be helped by the translucent table top that allows you to spot the things inside each drawer without having to open each drawer looking for a certain item. The table has six legs instead of four as you can normally find in a table, but this only offers extra stability, so it’s a good thing. You can use the table where you find it useful for example in the kitchen, in the garage or maybe in your office. It’s entirely up to you.

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