Transparent Seahorse Toilet Seat

All things around us are important because they each have their role in our lives. And if you think some of them are not worth any effort, you should see a different version and you will realize you can improve the way your house looks with very little effort. For example things in the bathroom may seem unimportant, like the toilet seat, but if you have a very nice model it will certainly stand out. This toilet seat is thick and transparent, letting you see the marine theme inside: a seahorse, some beautifully coloured shells and some sea plants (although I am pretty sure they are actually ferns).

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If you enter the bathroom and see this unusual toilet seat, you feel almost like taking a look at the bottom of the sea. All the sand and shells, the starfish and the seahorse make the atmosphere unique and nice. However, the shells inside do not get out of the toilet seat to scratch you, but they are very well trapped inside by some injection molded of high-impact, chemically resistant polypropylene. The seat is ergonomic and very comfortable and also very easy to install, with chrome hinges. Buy it now from Amazon for $44.53.