Transparent EVA Table Dining Room Set

There are many different designs as well as styles of tables that  have been made and are available in the market these days. If you want to buy an attractive and stylish table for your room, forget the old wood dining room and take a look at the Transparent EVA Table Dining Room Set. This fresh and light set is not only perfect for your dinning room but also makes an elegant piece of furniture for your office. The EVA is made out of single molded acrylic sheet and its feet are made of anodized aluminum.

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It’s a very interesting design for a dinning room table. It’s modern and actually very simple. The fact that it’s transparent is like a bonus that comes with these two attributes. I like transparent things and furniture pieces. They create an optical illusion and they seem to use less space than they actually do. The room seems a lot bigger with this glass features.


But that’s not all. This beautiful dinning table is also very stylish. It would very nicely integrate in a modern kitchen. But as I’ve already mentioned, it can also be used in an office, maybe as a small conference table or simply as a table where you can store things.