Transparent Cube for storing or displaying things

You make your home beautiful by the little things you add to give it more style and a nice design. They are not always useful, but they look very well. That is why you have to display them in a very visible spot in order to take the best advantage of them. Of course you can put these accessories on the bookcase, on its shelves or maybe on some wooden bookshelves, on the floor or where you think it is more appropriate. But I don’t know if they will be perfectly valued like this. Maybe the best way to show hem and to also save some floor space is to use this Transparent Cube for storing or displaying things.

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The cube is made of clear acrylic, so you can admire what is inside it easily. On the other hand, the things displayed are perfectly safe because you might want to protect some of them like a model car or maybe an old photo, a bunch of shells or a dried flower you don’t want your kid to reach and destroy in no time. The cube is easily mounted and the wall or even set on a tabletop. The item is available in more sizes and shapes and you can order it for $24.95 (the model in the picture, I mean the cube – the acrylic trays are cheaper).