Transparent And Modern Bassinet Cradle by BabyBjorn

One of the happiest moments in your life is when you become parent. Besides the huge responsibility that you have, that of raising a child and educate him there is also the spiritual satisfaction that you let behind you the most important thing in life, a child.

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Attentive to the parents’ needs and preoccupied with the creation of some useful things for raising kids, BabyBjorn has designed “Harmony”, a beautiful bassinet cradle.The bassinet cradle is the place the kid spends most of his time when he is little. Here he sleeps, plays or says the first syllables.

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“Harmony” has a modern design, is light weight and differs from all the other massive types made of wood or metal. One of its advantages lies in the fact that you can take it with you everywhere you need so that you can watch the baby and this way you do not have to worry anymore about the fact that you have left him somewhere else all alone. Another advantage of the baby cradle “Harmony” is the fact that it is transparent and you can see what the baby is doing there. Its mosquito net makes it more useful especially for the summer days.

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Any baby would feel here comfortable and the parents’ worries would be less with this gorgeous “Harmony” baby cradle.