Transforming Furniture with Spray Paint: Ideas & Inspiration

Personally, I believe spray paint can fix anything. The dull lantern sitting out the yard, the boring wooden stools taking up space next to the kitchen island or even that old dining room table that’s been hiding in the garage for years can all be made over with a bit of the canned magic. Coming in so many shades and colors, spray paint is an easy-to-use way to create new styles out of your oldest pieces. Take a look at some of these makeover for ideas and inspiration.

1. Bar Stools.

Colorful vittsjo shelving

Take your boring brown bar stools and turn them into a nice surprise! With a little green paint, you’ll make something that’s still cozy and warm for the kitchen but with the perfect amount of stylish surprise. You may even want to distressed them a bit to get even more character and personality to come out of them.

2. Dressers.

Colorful vittsjo shelving

Whether it’s a thrifting find or a hand-me-down, you can surely turn that old dresser into something modern and chic. With some black paint and some new knobs, you’ll have a brand new piece of furniture in no time. These redo’s are so simple even the most novice of DIY-ers and crafters can make this happen.

3. Dining Chairs.

Colorful vittsjo shelving

No one ever said that dining rooms had to be boring. So why not take your chairs and change them up a bit? All you need is come wonderful red spray paint to create a rich, special place to gather for family dinners and holiday parties. Say goodbye to all those nicks and scratches and say hello to brand new furniture!

4. Side Tables.

Colorful vittsjo shelving

Really make a statement by punching up the style in an unsuspecting place. Spray paint your newest or oldest side table with a fun color that’ll create a focal point in any room. You can even change out the knob (if there is one) for even more of a sassy element.

5. Bookshelves.

Colorful vittsjo shelving

Yes, even your bookshelves can get a crazy, colorful makeover! With a bright shade of yellow (or maybe use my favorite, mango orange) you’ll have a sunny spot to do your reading and show off your favorite books and trinkets. This is easy enough to do on wire shelving, but don’t worry even your old wooden pieces can get made over (and be distressed too if you’re looking for something more causal and rustic!).

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