Transform your interior décor using geometric shapes

Regardless of where and how you use them, geometric shapes are always something that intrigues us. It’s probably because they seem so artificial, so different from all the imperfections nature has habituated us with. It’s why adding some sharp edges and geometric shapes, regardless of how simple or complicated they are, can completely change the way our home looks like.

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However, introducing these patterns and forms into out décor is not easy. They tend to stand out immediately, even if they are extremely simple. So anything featuring geometric shapes would instantly become an accent and focal point in your interior. Usually, accessories and decorations are simple ways of introducing pattern, form and color into a room. Chandeliers are particularly great because they are designed to be eye-catching and to serve as accent pieces. They provide us with a great opportunity to experiment with all sorts of geometric shapes.

Another way of doing that is with the help of accessories such as the rug. Geometric patterns tend to be less invasive when they are found in something as common as a rug. Then there are also the classical stripes and rhombuses that we often use for the walls, as well as the squares used for the floors. Moreover, accessories such as the cushions, pillows or the artwork can prove to be very successful in this sense.{picture sources:1,2,3&4}.