Transform a Room with Mirrors

Mirrors are a beautiful addition to any room and they serve various purposes. For instance, they can make a room appear larger as well as provide an eye-catching decorative piece. Here are some easy ways to make mirrors work to transform a room.

Bring in the Old.

Vintage mirror

The vintage look has become an interesting and popular trend in décor, and it can be achieved with a few accent pieces in a room. Mirrors are a great example as they add a certain flair and charm to a room. They also take away some of the stress of decorating a room because if they have an intriguing or bold frame, they can achieve the dual role of offering reflection as well as constituting an interesting accessory where everyone’s eyes will travel.

Enlarging Effects.

Picture mirror house

A mirror can offer a great trick of making a small space appear larger. Mirrors strategically placed in a room can also reflect light from windows, adding to the lustre and brightness of an otherwise dull room. A mirror should not just be placed anywhere on the wall, however. Maximize its value by making sure that it is a focal point in the room and that it will reflect something in the room that is nice to look at. Choosing mirrors with reflective glass frames or a dazzling design can further help to make rooms look bigger and more striking.

Let Your Creative Style Dazzle.

Love Maegan
You can also use a mirror to show off your individual style. This is where the frames of mirrors should not be overlooked as they can convey your creativity and pull together the theme of a room. Placing a mirror with a gorgeous, eye-catching frame on the wall can be a striking part of the room, performing the role of being an ornamental piece.

Rope frame mirror

You could even make your own mirror frame with materials you have at home, such as rope that can give the mirror a homely or raw element. On the other hand, a mirror that has a wire design frame can exude style and modern design. You can therefore tailor the mirror’s frame to match the kind of design that you are going for in a room.

Double Delight.

Modern multiple mirrors1

Framed mirrors

You don’t have to limit yourself to just one mirror in a room or hallway – buy many of the same mirror, or a few different ones that look good together, and hang them all up in the same place. This is a great idea for a long, empty hallway or any room that requires a bit of a makeover. Multiple mirrors bring an artistic element that can add dimension to plain walls. This is also an easy way to add a touch of creativity to one’s décor without having to worry about hanging artwork. It’s an easy way to fill a space and achieve glamor just by hanging up a mirror wherever your heart desires it.

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