Transform a Room with Bold and Dramatic Flooring

There has been a great emphasis placed on large print wallpaper and accent walls over the past year or so. Because of this it seems that our flooring has been somewhat neglected. Nonetheless, a striking floor pattern can instantly transform your room. In fact, many would argue that a bold floor print can be much more eye-catching and dominating than large print wallpaper is.

Bright Colours.

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The easiest way to ensure that your flooring is bold and dramatic is to opt for a bright colour, such as the yellow in this picture. After all, you wouldn’t usually tend to associate such vibrant colours with floor designs. With flooring like this you can incorporate the most basic furniture and still have a show stopping room.

Painted Floor.

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There is no way to create a floor more unique than by having it painted. Your flooring will be completely unique to you and your home. If you are not bad with a paint brush then this could be a fantastic project for you to do yourself. The floor is painted and then varnished in order to create the fantastic gloss effect. Not only is this unique, but it gives you the opportunity to create any pattern or design you desire.

Black and White Floral Flooring.

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Let’s be frank; this powder room would look plain and boring without the striking black and white flooring. This one simple addition has transformed the room into one that is classy and contemporary to say the least. The masculine colour combination opposes the feminine floral design creating an extremely stylish floor pattern.

Mediterranean Flooring.

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What better time than now to opt for a Mediterranean floor stencil? Cast your mind to stunning weather, cocktails, and fresh food – heaven! These types of floors are filled to the brim with personality, colour, and culture. It also encompasses a trend that is very must stylish at the moment too; geometric. And do you want to know another great thing about Mediterranean flooring? Its traditional quality and authenticity means that it will never go out of fashion.

Create a Focus Point.

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It is not all about looking for an all over pattern. Instead, why not create a focal point? This works particularly well in landing areas whereby you would not tend to have many obstructions to the floor pattern in terms of furniture. It is also a great way of utilising various materials. After all, you don’t tend to get a lot of striking wooden slats. Yet when you use them in a clever way, such as in the picture above, you create a dominating impact.

Checkered Floor.

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A checkered pattern has long been a popular choice, especially in kitchen areas. Nonetheless, a checkered pattern is specifically beneficial for areas that are usually quite crowded – such as a hallway. This is because they give the illusion and feeling of more space.

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