Tranquility bed by Andrew Richards

The Tranquility Bed is part of the Tranquility collection. You can also find an article on the Tranquility Sofa on our website. The same collection also includes a love seat, lounge chair, sofa, side table, conversation table and coffee table and they all share similar and matching designs. Probably the only item that is more comfortable than the Tranquility sofa is the Tranquility bed.

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Like all the other pieces from the same collection, the bed features an aluminum frame that is both light, easy to move around and durable. It’s also a great choice for outdoor furniture. The frame is then woven in Solartex. The cushions are made from the same customizable Sunbrella fabric. The frame is available in the same two colors as the rest of the collection: tiger and espresso, while the cushions always come in white. This ensures a strong but stylish color contrast.

The Tranquility Bed measures 66″W x 56″D x 30″H and it’s one of the most comfortable outdoor pieces of furniture you can find. Moreover, it’s extremely cozy and comfortable. You can also choose some of the other pieces from the same collection, like the side table or coffee table, featuring a glass top.