Trailer wrap project of Michael Hughs

Have you ever imagined the modern mobile homes that you can take away along with you wherever you go. The latest trailer wrap project by Michael Hughs is the best thing that can happen in the world of architecture in this field of trailers.

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Now you do not have to pack your stuff and clothes anymore but you can carry your house along with you wherever you go. It is designed beautifully and also provides you with your personal lobby that is open so that you can enjoy the view around you completely.

Yes, it’s true. These pictures were taken inside a trailer, not inside a normal home, I mean one that is built on land. Maybe the designers were inspired by snails which can carry their house with them everywhere they go, so they designed something similar for human beings, too. You only need the wish to buy it and then you have the freedom to travel all over the world in your own home. Look at the fantastic interior design.

The choice of wooden panels and floors and the minimalist, yet very useful furniture is amazing. You have there everything you need, even if in smaller sizes, but cleverly arranged. And the idea of saving some space for the “lobby” where you can stay indoors and savour your meal and yet being able to enjoy the view is just brilliant.