Traditional Welsh farmhouse for sale

This is a traditional Welsh farmhouse and it’s located at Bryn Melin Farm in North Wales. The house is currently on the market for $1.9 million. It’s in very good condition and it’s also a very beautiful residence. It’s a 5-bedroom farmhouse that has been recently restored and the property also includes five holiday cottages also in North Wales.

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The farmhouse and the five cottages are concentrated around a courtyard so that they would all have access to it. The house was original built in 1750 and back then it was a traditional one-room Welsh long house. The other rooms have been added over starting with the next century and today the total space is over 3,000 square feet. The cottages are used as holiday rentals and they have been converted from barns that were also built around 1750. Each cottage is about 825 square feet in size and they have either one or two bedrooms.

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The main house is a two-story structure and it’s called Bryn Melyn. That means “yellow hill” in Welsh. The property also includes beautiful gardens, a pagoda and a beautiful gazebo. There’s also a workshop, a plant room, a double garage, a games room and several storage rooms that have the potential of being converted into something else. The property also comes with private fishing rights.