Traditional Rio Cedro House by Plan B Arquitectos

Located in Rio Cedro, an area resembling a tropical dry forest located in the shoreline of the Caribbean Sea in Córdoba, this beautiful house was built in 2011 and it was designed by Plan B Arquitectos who worked with project managers Felipe Mesa and Federico Mesa and the rest of the team composed of Ivanovha Benedetto, Sebastián Serna and Carlos Blanco. The house looks nothing like the traditional ones we usually see. Because of the location, it had to be designed as an open space.

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Because the area has been victim to extensive deforestation, the architects working at this project tried to avoid using native woods as much as possible. Instead, they used cultivated, immunized and certified Caribbean Pine timber.

The roof of the house is also unusual. It was built using branches of the “Palma Amarga” or Sabal mauritiiformis. Moreover, the building’s enclosure elements were made of stems of the “palmalata” plant also known as Bactris guineensis.

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In order to compensate the use of light wood and branches, the house also sits on a reinforced concrete base. The overall design of the house is open and permeable, allowing passive cooling through crossed ventilation. The roof is 30 cm wide and made from organic materials and this ensure temperature control and impermeability during the rainy season.

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The interior of the house is also cleverly designed. The ground floor includes the social and public areas like the living room, dining room and the hammock areas, while the first floor is a amore intimate area and where the bedroom are located.{found on archdaily}