Traditional mountain property with natural decorations

A few years ago, many people preferred having modern homes, with the latest appliances and the craziest decorations they could find. Now, I have noticed that people try to return to their origins, to live in more traditional houses filled with natural material and decorations. We can have the most spectacular houses on Earth, but they will not make us happy if they will be placed in a polluted area, where the nature barely reveals itself.

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The human being was born in the middle of the nature and must continue to live there. In this place, an amazing estate was built to provide shelter and comfort for a family who loves the nature and prefers its spectacular views instead of the artificial ones.

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Located in Ketchum, Idaho, United States, 83340 this amazing 10,167 square feet residence has 8 bedrooms, 8 full and 1 half bathrooms decorated with the most interesting and unique furniture which gives us the impression of being in an extended vacation, especially in the winter when the most beautiful moments happen near the fireplace or maybe, in the media room where the guests can enjoy a hot cup of tea and a quality movie.

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Outside, on 4.28 acres of terrain we will see also a guest house for those who want to spend the night there, a barn and a tennis court. This unique estate is now on the market and it can be bought with $7,500,000 if you want to wake up every single morning with the amazing views of Eagle Creek in front of you.