Traditional English Cottage With Timber Beams

Some people still prefer living into traditional houses, full of antique objects to remind them of their special moments from their lives. At the price of £995,000, a delightful English property dated from the 1490s according to the owner’s information was put on the market through Barton Wyatt agency.

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The four-bedroom cottage is located at a short drive from Egham, Staines and Windsor shopping Centres in England, so the inhabitants have access to all the facilities they need. Although it is an old house with plenty of traditional and natural objects, it had to be updated to the current needs of the owners. The original building included some spectacular old beams which I think they create the illusion of a higher space, because the white ceilings aren’t as high as we would expect.

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The kitchen is absolutely amazing. Besides the fact that it is fully equipped with the newest appliances, it still keeps a traditional vibe that reminds us of childhood and summer holydays spent at our grandparents.

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Five magnificent fireplaces are decorated with many interesting objects that owners wanted to place there to remember about their beautiful moments. The living area is filled with quality wooden furniture and antique sofas which are emphasized by the contrast with the soft colored carpet from the floors.

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The master bedroom is very complex; besides the dark wooden finishes from the walls and beautiful furniture which match with the rest of the decorations, it is also very useful and elaborate. Small windows keep away the excessive heat and light, so the owners have both intimacy and comfort when they are relaxing. If we are looking from the exterior, we can see a big and beautiful greenhouse, a space where the owners can spend time taking care of their plants or perhaps just enjoying a coffee.{found on site}.