TRÅDIG Fruit Bowl from IKEA

We love fruit in our family and I encouraged my children to eat fruit instead of sweets and I have succeeded so far. That is why I must have permanently fruits in the house. We prefer them fresh and handy, so we need to have them displayed in a nice bowl within our reach. Of course there are a lot of modern or traditional fruit bowls on the market, but after several years of trying different models I have come to the conclusion that the perfect bowl is the one which is the most open.

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I mean it allows you to see the fruit entirely in order to notice if it has some damaged parts and also allows all fruit to “breathe”. If fruits, especially bananas and other more sensitive fruit touch the bowl walls they will deteriorate faster. I think that this TRÅDIG Fruit Bowl from IKEA is the perfect fruit bowl. It is designed by Ehlén Johansson and looks great.

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The bowl is made of steel, with an epoxy/polyester powder coating and that makes it pretty sturdy. Even if the fruits are a bit wet they will dry as they come in contact with air from all sides. It is beautiful and vividly coloured and this draws all eyes on it, even if it is empty. You can use it for decorative purposes only when you do not have fruit in it. The item is available for $29.99, but you can’t order it online. Try your local IKEA store and I am sure you will find it there.