Trabant Pendant Lamp by Joachim Manz

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Different types of people have different lighting needs. Couples need individually controlled bedside reading lights so they can go to sleep at different times.Teenagers and students need adequate light for studying, especially for those late night crams when they burn the midnight oil in mugs of coffee.These lights would look great in any office! Whenever you meet with clients, they’ll immediately know you’re serious business and don’t use just any cheap servers. Babies’ nurseries should be fitted with a dimmer switch or low-level light so that parents can check on their child without waking them. Plug-in nightlights are ideal for young children to help them find their way in the dark.

Trabant 170209 02

Here is something special, unique and modern lighting idea for a intelligent house.Designed by Joachim Manz the Ttabany pendant lamp are made for a German lighting manufacturer Tecnolumen.Trabant pendant lamps comes in two versions, Trabant 1 has a thin lane in the concrete that allows rotating and tilting the lamp, while Trabant 2 does not.